Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Student Activities at Soongsil College of Law

Soongsil Univesrity has numerous clubs and facilities for students. The brand-new Student Union Building has a full array of snack shops, club rooms, and arena seating for its soccer field.

Within the College of Law itself, there exciting opportunities for fun:

  • The English Debate Society trains students for debate and moot court competitions in English. Our students have competed both regionally and internationally.  The English Debate Society also runs intra-mural competitions to provide fun for everyone.
  • The College has its own newspaper, the Lawgic.  Articles are written in several languages.
  • There are a variety of legal specialty clubs, such as the Corporate Law Club, the Criminal Law Club, and the Civil Law Club.
  • Most of our professors offer a "book club" each semester. The club chooses a book to read with the professor, so that everyone can enjoy a relaxed intellectual experience.