Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soongsil College of Law - Global Law Department Professors

In Our Professors, we listed our complete faculty. Here is more information about the Global Law Department at Soongsil's College of Law. Our faculty teaches in both the Global Law LL.B. and in the B.A. Korean Law programs, but our administrative focus is on running the Global Law LL.B. program.

Global Law Department:
  • See-Young Oh (오시영)
  • Wan Q Pak (박완규)
  • Sahng-Hyeog Ihm (임상혁)
  • John Sang-Hyun Lee ( 이상현, Department Chair) (email)

See-Young Oh
Korean Attorney
JungAng University (PhD)
Civil Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Civil Procedure

Wan Q Pak
American Attorney, New York State Bar
Syracuse Law School (JD), Utah State University (MBA), Contract law, Property Law,
Int'l Business Transactions, Internet Law
Sahng-Hyeog Ihm, Department Chair 
Korean Attorney
Seoul National University (Ph.D. Civil Procedure, LL.M. Legal History, BA Law)
Civil Law, Civil Procedure, History of Law
American Attorney (Email)
Golden Gate University (SJD), New York University (LL.M.), Seoul National University (BA Law)
International Criminal Law, International Criminal Procedure