Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soongsil College of Law - Law Department Professors

In Our Professors, we listed our complete faculty. 

Here is more information about the Law Department at Soongsil's College of Law. Our faculty teaches in both the Global Law LL.B. and in the B.A. Korean Law programs, but our administrative focus is on running the Korean Law and graduate school programs.

Department of Law:
  • Jin-Yeon Jung (정진연)
  • Kyung-Kun Kang (강경근)
  • Chul-Hong Yun (윤철홍)
  • Sam-Hyun Chun (전삼현)
  • Keuk-Soo Chun (전극수)
  • Jung-Sik Choi (최정식, College Dean)
  • Chul-Won Suh (서철원)
  • Chae Woo-Suk (채우석)
  • In-Seop Jung (정인섭)
  • Moon-Hyun Koh (고문현)
  • Jin-Sook Yun (윤진숙, Vice Dean, Department Chair)
  • Ji-Eun Lee (이지은)
  • Daniel Edelson

Jung Jin-Yeon
Korean Attorney
Sungkyunkwan University (Ph.D.)
Korean Criminal Law, Korean Criminal Procedure

Kang Kyung-Kun
Korean Attorney
Korea University (Ph.D.)
Constitutional Law

Yoon Chul-Hong
Korean Attorney
Freiburg University (Ph.D.)
Contract Law, Property law
Chun Sam-Hyun
Korean Attorney
Frankfurt University (Ph.D.)
Corporate Law, Commercial Law
Chun Keuk-Soo
Korean Attorney
Soongsil University (LL.M.)
Public Law, Administrative Law
Choi Jung-Sik, Dean of College
Korean Attorney
Yonsei University (Ph.D.)
Commercial Law, Insurance Law

Chul-Won Suh
Korean Attorney, American Attorney
Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
International Law

Chae Woo-Suk
Korean Attorney
Meiji University (Ph.D.)
Administrative Law

Jung In-Seop
Korean Attorney
Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
Labor Law
Koh Moon-Hyun
Korean Attorney
Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
Korean Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
Yoon Jin-SookVice-Dean College of Law
Korean Attorney
Washington University (SJD), Yonsei University (Ph.D.)
Korean Law and Society, Family Law

Ji-Eun Lee
Korean Attorney
Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
Civil Law

American Attorney
Fordham University (JD)
Commercial Law, Tort Law, Litigation, Civil Procedure