Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Europe and more

Soongsil's Global Law LL.B. program is based on the American J.D. model, but it offers much more than American common law.

Our program offers classes on the history of European Law and on the laws of the European Union. Our classes include a strong tradition of continental code, because Korean law itself is inspired by the German code.  Several of Soongsil's College of Law's professors received their doctorates from prestigious German law faculties.

Other professors at Soongsil's College of Law have completed doctoral studies in Japan. Korea has a deep historical connection with Japan and Japanese legal traditions.

And of course, our college has over a century of teaching Korean Law. Our professors have broad expertise in a variety of Korean Law specialties.

Beyond law, Soongsil has a strong foreign language faculty that can help international students acquire languages that might be rare in their home country.