Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soongsil's LL.B. in Global Law

Soongsil's College of Law offers an undergraduate degree (LL.B.)  in Global Law. The education is focused primarily on common law and is based on the curriculum of American law schools. Global Law also includes coursework in European and Asian legal traditions.

Our program is designed for students who are interested in Common Law and legal traditions outside of Korea. We combine the talents of the faculties of the Department of Law and the Department of Global Law to ensure a broad and deep educational experience.

Take a look at the four year program:

Soongsil's Global Law program is designed to resemble the American J.D. model. The program has adjusted American content to better fit our undergraduate international students. Our students study a full range of common law topics, we try to cover everything needed to be ready for a bar exam.

Our Global Law LL.B. also includes a strong focus on European and Asian Law.

Beyond course work, our students compete in Korean and International moot court competitions. They have their own journals and newspapers.

Our law school is located in the Veritas Building on our Seoul Campus. Its elegant and modern styling is matched by the new post-modern Student Union Building next door.  And of course, Soongsil has a gardened campus next to a large public park that rolls across green hills.

Our program is affordable for all. For most international students, our annual tuition, room and board can be under $10,000 (USD) a year. There are a variety of scholarships available for both Korean and International students. Contact us for more details!

If you are looking for an education in common law, but want to study in Asia at affordable prices, Soongsil's LL.B. in Global Law may be for you!